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Shenzhen prototype factory share four basic steps of silicone cnc prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 06 10: 10

Shenzhen prototype factory shares four basic steps of silicone cnc prototype production Shenzhen prototype factory tells the prototype model production industry, in addition to the commonly used plastic material processing, it can also be processed using a material called silica gel. The prototype model of silica gel is characterized by thin viscosity of silica gel, good operation, no deformation, no shrinkage, easy mold removal and smooth surface of the mold, good simulation results. 1. Silica gel is liquid flowing, component is silica gel, B component is curing agent, and the amount of curing agent is usually 2%-3%. For example, take 100 grams of - component silica gel and fix it for 2 grams. Add the curing agent to the silica gel and stir it evenly. ( Note: the ratio of silica gel to curing agent must be accurate on the electronic scale. According to the local temperature, the curing agent can be added at about 25 ℃ according to this ratio). Shenzhen prototype factory reminds that if the local temperature is 10 ℃, the amount of curing agent can be added to 5%. If the local temperature is about minus 5 ℃, you will not react with silicone by adding more curing agents, which will not solidify for a long time; If the local temperature is 38- At 45 ℃, the same quality silicone, the same curing agent, and the curing agent can be added to 1%. 2. First of all, you should handle the original model or the product to be copied. Since the product or model you copied has not been polished or polished, in fact the model or product itself is not smooth or perfect enough, the mold you make with column layer silicone is not good enough, the products actually poured out are not smooth enough. 3. Operation method of slice mold or die: the vacuum-pumped silica gel is constructed by brushing or pouring method. Before brushing, first paint the product or model you want to copy with a mold release agent, or an isolation agent, and then brush the silicone on the product (Note: uniform brush must be applied) After waiting for 30 minutes, paste the surface with a layer of gauze or glass fiber cloth to increase the strength, and then apply the second layer of silica gel and other silica gel to dry, and then make the outer mold, the outer mold can use materials such as gypsum or resin. 4. Shenzhen prototype factory introduces the operation mode of filling mold or pouring mold: filling mold or pouring mold is a product that is used for smooth or simple, that is, to copy the product or model you want to copy, surround with rubber plates or glass plates, pour the vacuum-pumped silicone directly into the product. After the silicone is dried and formed, the product is taken out and the mold is formed ( Note: The pouring mold usually uses silica gel with soft hardness to make the mold, so that the demoulding is easier and the product inside the silicone mold will not be damaged) The above is the whole process of the use and operation of prototype silica gel. 5. Vacuum treatment, according to a certain amount of proportion, after mixing the silica gel with the curing agent evenly, vacuum treatment is carried out. Since the mixing time of silica gel and curing agent will generate bubbles, if the bubbles are not vacuumed and extracted, the silicone mold will have many pores, the tension of the mold itself will be reduced, and the number of mold turns will be less, the mold itself is not smooth, which directly affects the quality of the product.

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