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Shenzhen prototype factory shares 12 common mechanical failures of CNC machining milling machines

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2013-03- 08 21: 55

Shenzhen prototype factory shares 12 common mechanical faults of CNC machining milling machines

1. The feed motor works normally, the vertical, horizontal and vertical directions of the Workbench cannot be moved quickly. The causes are as follows: the spring force of the friction plate adjusting the abnormal operation of the too loose electromagnets is not enough

2. The electromagnets are not working properly, and the causes are: the working position of the armature is adjusted too low. Due to frequent start, the positioning opening pin on the adjustment nut is broken, causing the NUT to loosen, to reduce the normal working height of the armature and the fixed screws installed on the floor or the floor and the lifting table are loose. When working, the armature will suck up the electromagnet seat.

3, the feed motion of the Workbench is discontinuous, especially serious in milling. The reason for this is that the safety clutch is not working properly.

4. Start the general feed movement of the workbench and move quickly. The reasons for this are: because the friction plate is polished, the gap between the inner and outer films becomes smaller, and it is in a vacuum state, plus the influence of various factors such as the tension of the oil film, after parking, the internal and external friction plates are not easy to get rid. If the starting static friction torque of the friction plate is greater than the torque adjusted by the safety clutch, the left half of the clutch will overcome the tension of the spring and slip on the steel ball. The output will be quickly moved by the friction clutch. This situation generally occurs when there is no working load on the workbench and vertical movement. The end face teeth of the clutch grind out the rounded corners, resulting in poor combination. If the load is slightly larger, it will slide out of the slot, push out the right part of the clutch to the right, press the friction sheet, and make it work, resulting in sudden and rapid movement of the workbench.

5. When the feed movement is started, smoke is taken into the feeding box. The reason for this is that the friction plate is too tight and the lubrication in the feeding box is poor.

6. When the spindle changes speed, there is a lot of impact sound in the gearbox. It is necessary to manually pull the handle several times before the gear can enter the engagement state. The reason for this is that the impulse line of the spindle motor has too long contact time.

7, the vibration is large when milling the milling machine. The causes are: the spindle is loose, due to the increase in the clearance of the spindle bearing, the axial movement and radial beating of the spindle are significantly increased. The Workbench is loose, due to the insert at the guide rail (Commonly known as saitie)Too loose. Its Inspection Method: The Force of shaking the silk lever handwheel is used to measure. For the longitudinal and transverse, it can be shaken by a force of about 150N, and the lifting direction is shaken by a force of 40N, if it is smaller than the force used above, it will be marked with loose strips. If it is larger than the force used above, it will be marked with tight strips. Note: Due to the influence of other transmission mechanisms, although the force used in shaking is large, the strip may be too loose. At this time, the tape measure is used to assist the measurement to use 0. The 04mm plug can't fit in.

8, poor braking of the spindle. When the stop button is pressed, the spindle cannot stop or reverse immediately. The reasons for this are: the adjustment of the spindle brake system is not good or failure. It shall be adjusted and repaired by the repairman.

9. Gear with variable speed is not easy to engage. When adjusting the speed or feed, the handle will not move or push in. The reasons for this are: due to the failure of the micro switch. In the process of pulling the handle, there is a serious impact sound on the gear. The reason for this is that the contact time of the micro switch is too long. The electrician shall adjust and repair.

10. There is a driving phenomenon in vertical feed and horizontal feed. That is, when the horizontal and vertical feeds are started, the vertical movement is driven, or when the vertical feeds are started, the horizontal movement is driven. The reason for this is that the longitudinal or transverse clutch is not completely detached. It should be adjusted by the mechanic

11, and the vertical feed backspace of the Workbench is large. The reason is that the axial gap between the vertical screw and the nut of the Workbench is too large, or the gap between the bearings at both ends of the screw is too large.

12. The Safety clutch of the feed system failed. In the process of feeding the workbench, the overload or accidental resistance is encountered, and the feed movement cannot be stopped automatically. The reason for this is that the torque of the steel ball safety clutch is too large. It should be re-adjusted by the mechanic.

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