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Shenzhen prototype factory shares 8 directions of rapid prototyping technology with development potential

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2014-07- 10 11: 05

Shenzhen prototype factory shares the development direction of rapid prototyping technology in 8 directions with development potential from the current research and application of RP technology the status quo, the further research and development of rapid prototyping technology mainly includes the following aspects :(1) Develop fast forming materials with good performance, such as low cost, easy forming, small deformation, high strength, durable and pollution-free forming materials. (2) Improve the processing speed of RP system and develop the process method of parallel manufacturing. (3) Improve the reliability of the rapid forming system, improve its productivity and ability to make large pieces, optimize the structure of the equipment, especially improve the accuracy, surface quality, mechanical and physical properties of the forming parts, to provide a basis for further mold processing and functional experiments. (4)Develop high performance RPM software for rapid prototyping. Improve the speed and accuracy of data processing, research and develop the method of directly slicing CAD raw data, reduce the loss of accuracy caused by STL format conversion and slice processing. (5)Develop new shaped energy sources. (6)Improvement and Innovation of Rapid Forming methods and processes. The direct metal forming technology will become the research and application in the future-Hot Spot. (7) The rapid prototyping technology is integrated with CAD, CAE, RT, CAPP, CAM and high-precision automatic measurement and reverse engineering. (8) Improve the research of network service and realize remote control.

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