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Shenzhen prototype factory shares the basic theory of automobile prototype processing technology management

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-08- 31 16: 13

cnc machining process management includes the processing process of the workpiece and the management of the working hour quota. Tuowei automobile prototype is a manufacturer with the integrated production capacity of die clamp, and also produces automobile panel prototypes, welding fixtures and inspection tools. The main parts of the automobile cover panel prototype are large in size and long in working hours, not only need to be managed to the processing process, it is also necessary to refine the process to the management of each processing step to guide on-site processing. The fixture and inspection tool parts are many and miscellaneous, and the process management is more cumbersome. In the past, there was a lack of information management platform, which needed to complete information transmission through manual management. Information transmission was slow and error-prone, and the management of process knowledge was relatively difficult. The eMan system realizes the management of the process knowledge base of prototype, fixture and inspection tool, and provides a knowledge-based process preparation management platform, which effectively improves the level of enterprise process management. Real-time monitoring of workshop operations mainly refers to cnc machining of workpieces. The production and processing of the workpiece adopts bar code management, each workpiece has a bar code, and the bar code must be brushed during the production and processing of the workshop, it enables real-time monitoring, recording and status of the entire part production process (Start pause complete)Processing, data traceability. Workshop management personnel can query the processing status of each workpiece and each process at any time, on which equipment, by whose cnc machining, the current tasks and dynamic loads of each equipment, whether the workpiece being processed is delayed, etc. In addition, in the past, it took several days for statisticians to complete the monthly report of working hours in the statistical workshop, and the information management system took only a few minutes to complete, which greatly reduced the work intensity of managers and improved work efficiency. Workshop operation optimization scheduling past workshop production is directly arranged by the foreman to arrange the processing and production of prototype parts, and the operator arranges the next piece after processing one piece, resources and load conditions cannot be considered at all. The workshop operation optimization scheduling system is used for scheduling, and the system will follow the pre-defined priority rules when scheduling, from the waiting operation, the delivery date, the part processing process and the equipment are considered, and all the processes of all the workpieces are discharged on the equipment, and the planned start time and completion time of each process of equipment processing. The workshop is carried out in an orderly manner according to the scheduling results. In the event of overload, all overloaded artifacts will be arranged in the outsourcing directory for coordination by managers. For special circumstances such as emergency tasks, equipment failures, rework and repair in production, it will be arranged for processing on several other mobile equipment, and the mobile equipment will not participate in scheduling, it will not impact the scheduling plan, so as to improve the consistency and control of the production process and ensure the efficient operation of production.

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