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Shenzhen prototype factory shipped quickly in three days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-11- 05 20: 57

Hello everyone, among many prototyping suppliers. More or less experience in equipment scale and processing. There are differences, which have different quality of the prototype produced. We are located in Shenzhen prototype factory. We have 17 years of processing experience and have served the world's top 500 enterprises many times.

has won awards for helping customers produce products many times. It is also very confident about the processing scale, a 6000-square-meter factory building and 55 CNC machining equipment. 24 hours to provide you with services, fast delivery can be three days. Only by providing a certificate of conformity through the three-dimensional inspection equipment can it be shipped. In Shenzhen prototype factory, the supplier is among the best.

many customers have cooperated with us for the first time and are impressed by our excellent service. Whether it is technical advice in the process of product molding. Or the way problems are actively handled to satisfy many customers. For a long time, so in many Shenzhen prototype factory, stand out. It has grown to the present.

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