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Shenzhen prototype factory-Take orders in large quantities

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-06- 15 12: 02

for the domestic Shenzhen prototype factory, the scale is not very large, and the monthly output is generally less than 1000 pieces, however, it is also necessary for a small number of large-scale prototype factories to undertake prototype orders with a large number of processing, with a monthly output of thousands of pieces, such as the extension model.

The prototype production strength of Shenzhen prototype factory has won global customers recognition, although the domestic prototype industry started late, the prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen have been constantly innovating and introducing new equipment, so the quality is almost the same as that of foreign countries. In addition, employees can bear hardships and stand hard work, so many orders with relatively large foreign orders can only be undertaken by Shenzhen prototype factory with strong strength.

whether domestic or foreign, Shenzhen prototype factory-- The extension model is always welcome to visit the factory. It has a factory building of 5000 ㎡, and various prototype processing equipment is relatively complete-- Such as the five-axis machine, brother machine, etc. , the quality of production can be inspected at any time. For mass prototype production orders, you are welcome to drop orders. Don't worry about delivery and quality.

Shenzhen prototype factory has been engaged in prototype customization for 18 years, you can meet your requirements in terms of accuracy and delivery. If you have relevant prototype customization requirements, please click online customer service

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