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Shenzhen prototype factory which is good for privacy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 04 15: 05

enterprises need to make prototypes when developing new products, which is a very important link in developing products, therefore, the company's requirements for the secrecy of the prototype factory are relatively high to prevent the leakage of its new products. The extension model is a large-scale prototype factory, and the secrecy measures are also done in place:

confidential agreement: a confidential agreement will be signed with the customer, and the product-related information will not be used for the time period specified in the agreement (Such as photos) Uploaded to the network, the basic confidential measures of the prototype factory are to sign a confidential agreement. There are also big moves in the tuowei prototype factory.

confidential software: a confidential software was introduced in 2014, considering the safety of customer drawings, there is no way to open the decryption without the authorization of the general manager, even if it is copied out, it is garbled.

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