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Shenzhen prototype factory with 55 processing equipments, 17 years experience

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-08- 02 17: 29

We are a prototype manufacturer located in Shenzhen. Believe that most customers choose suppliers. Will give priority to closer cooperation, on the one hand, reduce the time of logistics. You can also go to the factory where the manufacturer is located to inspect the factory and check the real-time progress of the product on site. Today, a Mr. Zhou from Shenzhen passed'Prototype manufacturers' This keyword found our company in search engines. And got in touch with us.

It is proposed that you first check the scale and equipment of our factory, and confirm the location online. Mr. Li came to our company that afternoon. Then we communicated with our project manager that we needed to make a robot prototype. If the delivery period is to be more urgent, it is necessary to find a manufacturer with sufficient strength to cooperate.

after the tour accompanied by our salesman, Mr. Zhou saw that our company has 55 CNC machining equipment, and 17 years of work experience, we also feel our professional and technical answers. Immediately apply to the company leader to reach a cooperative relationship with our company. Send 3D drawings the next day for us to process. And praised the development and performance of the company if we realized earlier that we are such a prototype manufacturer. There will be rapid improvement.

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