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Shenzhen prototype film factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-04- 11 15: 22

Shenzhen is the birthplace of the prototype, where there are many prototype factories. People who understand should know that new products are conceived from a concept or idea in a person's mind. Then it is to start to act and develop ideas into physical objects. The next step is to find a prototype factory for prototype proofing. Because this can not only save the cost of opening the mold, but also avoid unnecessary losses when errors are involved. In the prototype proofing, small batch laminating method is often used, and silicone laminating is the main processing method. If you want the products that come out of the film to be beautiful, great. Then you need to find a professional Shenzhen prototype film factory.

if there was a foreigner who could speak a little bit of Chinese some time ago. He searched the Internet. 'Shenzhen prototype film factory'We found tuowei model Co. , Ltd. After reading a lot of information about the extension model, I decided to inquire about the customer service. Contact information was left. After a few days, he flew to Shenzhen from abroad and wanted to look at the model. At that time, it was received by Miss Xu of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. The customer also came up with a very good product. So I found the information of the extension model in the network sea. Customers need to make it in a vacuum film. After the negotiation, the customer asked for a confidential contract. After all, foreigners pay attention to credit. Therefore, an agreement was signed and software was used to keep it confidential. Is a drawing file that can only be opened by the boss.

after the prototype was completed, it was flown to the customer's hand, the customer looked at such a beautiful prototype and was very satisfied with it, and sometimes there were any new products, which would also be made for the extension model. This is enough to show that if you want to find a Shenzhen prototype film factory with credit and professional service, you can take a look at the extension model. If you have any ideas, you can contact customer service on the right side.

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