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Shenzhen prototype manufacturers-Dare to make a promise

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-01- 12 16: 09

Miss Sun from Shanghai is a salesman of an international trading company. Many of their customers need to make prototypes to develop, miss Sun's previous quotation for the prototype processing manufacturer was very low, but there were also many problems. The quality of the prototype was not good, the delivery date was delayed, and the accuracy of the work could not meet the customer's requirements. Many times, customers are satisfied with the price when they see cheap prototype quotations, but because of quality problems, they have to re-find other prototype factories to do it again. This wastes both time and budget.

Miss Sun found the extension model, ask how much the machining accuracy of the prototype processing manufacturer can reach, and the appearance surface treatment method. Tuowei model professionals looked at the 3D drawings sent by Miss Xia Sun and found that the above prototype accuracy requirements were very high. The General prototype factory could not make such a high precision. However, with a five-axis machining center, the extension model can easily meet this accuracy requirement, and there are technical CTO from the United States for professional guidance.

The extension model promised Miss sun that this accuracy could be achieved, and the products can be redone if there are any problems, and the quality and after-sales service have reached a new level. The general prototype processing manufacturers can't reach this level of service, and there is no strength, I dare not promise so easily.

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