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Shenzhen prototype manufacturers-Provide PI

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-01- 21 12: 00

an American customer of Shenzhen prototype manufacturer is Levi. This customer is given to Miss Mo's colleague Alex from Alibaba's inquiry. Since they are foreign customers, they negotiate by mail. He sent Miss Mo several drawings. At first, he sent her drawings of several parts. His design department also saw that this drawing was a bit problematic, he asked Miss Mo to quote him first. He wanted to know the price first.

after Miss Mo of Shenzhen prototype manufacturer sent him a quotation he was very satisfied with the quotation of the extension model, at the beginning, he also asked what kind of processing method is good for the extension model. Miss Mo suggested that he use SLA, because this is not only fast, but also cheaper. The second time I sent her a set of drawings of things, 3D drawings of 2D drawings, the materials inside, processing methods, surface treatment requirements, etc. are clearly listed, this makes it easy to quote quickly. The drawings sent to Miss Mo for the third time, the parts inside are the same as the original drawings, which are modified drawings. He told Miss Mo to do these parts first and test them out, after the success of the other components.

Miss Mo sent him a quotation later, he was very satisfied with the price quoted by Shenzhen prototype manufacturers. In the next email, Miss Mo sent him a formal invoice (PI) He replied that I asked Miss Mo to make two sets of PI and now wait for him to place an order for payment. For this customer, Miss Mo will firmly grasp, strive for long-term cooperation, and develop into an old customer of the extension model.

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