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Shenzhen prototype manufacturers use international Alibaba to find customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-07- 12 16: 24

Alibaba International station is one of the important channels for many Shenzhen prototype manufacturers to obtain customers at present.

Alibaba officially opened up businesses in the main force this year-DingTalk- Customer three integrated communication system, first focus on the business- Customer-through function development and optimization at both ends of the customer, and then open up the merchant-DingTalk the function of Business Exchange at both ends. The common goal of these functions is to get through the secondary marketing of customers. Shenzhen prototype manufacturers should make good use of these functions.

at present, the marketing that Alibaba International station can operate directly in the background is mainly visitors marketing and recommending buyers. Visitor marketing: data Butler location- To visit the wangpu page or product page, as well as buyers who have sent an inquiry or TM consultation online, through Ali's EDM function, marketing operations are carried out on visitors counted by this subsystem. The background can launch marketing operations for 20 visitors every day, and the Shenzhen prototype manufacturer can have 600 potential marketing customers a month.

Business Opportunity communication-Inquiry form Management- Sent, this contains the sending and reply operations actively made by the supplier, and locates the visitor marketing mail sent by everyone every day. The above is the method that Shenzhen prototype manufacturer uses international Alibaba to find customers, hoping to help you.

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