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Shenzhen prototype model-A sharp tool for marketing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-05- 29 17: 33

with the development of the industrial design industry, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce; Enterprises pay more and more attention to the production of product models. It not only plays a very important role in commodity design decision-making plan, but also is a sharp weapon for commodity information secrecy and marketing; The supply chain needs to improve their ability to quickly turn around in response to changing market demands and expectations, so it is particularly important to find a regular Shenzhen prototype factory.

The prototype is the core and future of the manufacturing industry, industrial design has always played an important role in the overall situation. The advance of prototype model manufacturing is a microcosm of the progress of modern manufacturing technology. With the shortening of product life cycle and industry trends driving mass customization of products, customized processing makes more sense in today's supply chain strategy. Among all Shenzhen prototype factories, there is a prototype Enterprise that always follows the footsteps of The Times, that is, the extension model.

There was a Miss Liao a few months ago, search online'Shenzhen prototype model' I found tuowei model company, which was the customer received by Miss Mo, the salesman. After a simple self-introduction, Miss Mo took the customer to visit the model, and then went to the workshop to visit. Miss Mo explained the general process of production to the customer. After the visit, Miss Liao still wanted to think about it and went back.

after a few days, miss Liao came to the 3D drawings and began to make them. Later, I asked why Miss Liao still placed an order. Miss Liao said that because the extension model will be more professional than other Shenzhen prototype factories, and the working atmosphere will be more integrated.

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