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Shenzhen prototype model factory, processing accuracy 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-08- 09 14: 30

Generally speaking, most customers will choose Shenzhen's manufacturers when looking for a prototype model factory, because Shenzhen is close to the coastal area, the prototype started earlier and accumulated rich experience. The quality of the prototype manufacturer here is guaranteed.

among many prototype model factories in Shenzhen, the extension model is a manufacturer that cannot be ignored, with 55 large CNC machining centers, the machining accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, and most of the current peers can only reach 0. About 1mm, so the prototype is made here in the extension model, the error is smaller, and the results are more accurate during the test, which is conducive to speeding up the research and development of new products.

This is an aluminum alloy prototype made by the extension dimension model for customers, there are not only many holes, but also need to be processed. The customer can't do it when he finds a lot of prototype factories. When he finds the extension model, it is already exhausted, but the extension model relies on skilled prototyping technology and the five-axis machine, it is easy to make this prototype, and the accuracy is 0. 01mm.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype model factory, when making the prototype, the accuracy can reach 0. 01mm, can help you better develop new products, accelerate the pace of new products to market.

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