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Shenzhen prototype model manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-09- 12: 41

Hello everyone, we have 55 CNC machining equipment in a prototype model manufacturer in Shenzhen. 17 years experience in processing and production. Won numerous industry praise, our customers have accumulated a large number of customers after long-term global distribution. Long-term cooperation will not be exhausted.

just today, a structural engineer in Shenzhen found us. Want us to make a prototype robot has certain requirements for the size of the equipment. It is difficult to meet the small prototype manufacturers. He found prototype model manufacturing through the network. We found out that our company sent cooperation needs.

after providing the quotation, start to negotiate with this customer. We know that the area of our factory is 6000 m² square meters. There are also hundreds of experienced teams that have come to the present with the company's long-term development. It can be said that it is the leader in the industry, and it is very harmonious to promote cooperative relations. After the customer received the prototype model we made. The next day, I called back and praised us. It is a prototype model with good service attitude and complete qualifications. Hope to cooperate for a long time

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