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Shenzhen prototype model manufacturers-Choice of start-up companies

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-05- 17 15: 09

generally, it is just beginning to run a factory. Because a product is urgently needed to open the market, the R & D team will start to develop products, they invested a lot of money in the hope of winning big customers in the market. But whether a product can be favored by the market has caught the hearts of entrepreneurs. Many manufacturers in the manufacturing industry know that before opening the mold, they usually find several Shenzhen prototype model manufacturers to compare with each other before deciding which one to cooperate with, then making the prototype and then mass production.

If you want to save the prototype proofing fee that seems to be small and costly, in the future, it will take a lot of time and money to repair and change the mold, but it is really worth the loss. Just like a Xu Zong who found the extension model from the Internet, their company just started soon and needs to stand firmly in the market, I read the information of many Shenzhen prototype model manufacturers on the internet. At that time, Xu also contacted the customer service of the extension model and needed to quote, after asking for customer information, the customer information was given to the salesman.

The Salesman reported it to the customer about two hours after adding the customer customer, the customer felt expensive when he saw the price, so he planned to find another prototype factory. The salesman tried his best to leave the customer and invited the customer to visit the extension model. So Xu always visited several prototype factories one after another. He felt satisfied but still a little worse. After a few days, Xu always came to tuowei model company. The salesman took the customer to the workshop to visit. The whole process came down. The customer was very satisfied with the post-processing and five-axis machining, so he placed the order.

This shows the extension dimension model the strength has been recognized by customers, and become a repeat customer. Although the company of this customer has just been established, the old customers who can become the extension model prove that the extension model has this strength. If you are looking for a prototype model manufacturer in Shenzhen recently, look at the extension model!

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