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Shenzhen prototype model tells you the basic common sense of prototype coloring

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2014-07- 10 11: 32

Shenzhen prototype model tells you the basic common sense of prototype coloring

prototype not only has certain skills in design and production, but also common sense, there is also some common sense in the process of coloring after the prototype is completed.

When coloring the prototype, you must first go through the whiteboard polishing process. When polishing, you must consider the smoothness of the product and whether the angle is in place, there can be no obvious exposure to the traces of bonding. We need to spray ash before polishing to color. Coloring generally requires a pantone number. This is the international standard, and the whole time is the same, this has a qualitative standard for the color regulations. Pantone color card will cost nearly 1000 yuan. In general, if it is a professional fuel injection factory, there is a need for one. Therefore, this requires customers to also understand the Pantone color card, and it is good to provide this color card number when spraying and coloring!

However, some prototypes are very difficult to color. For example, when the match is just made of PP, it will not work. After coloring, it will not be very firm and will fall off. So basically, the first board of the product or PP material is not colored. Racing just used for the processing of gears is generally not where you need to color, assembled in the product. Not from outside.

so after we have mastered the common sense of prototype coloring, we can produce prototype works that meet customer satisfaction.

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