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Shenzhen prototype processing factory-Dust-free workshop fuel injection follow up

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-03- 31 08: 00

Huada Gene is a famous medical and health enterprise in Shenzhen. They have a lot of prototypes to do, although there are several suppliers, but in order to have more choices, their company's purchases search from the Internet'Shenzhen prototype processing factory' I found the extension model and contacted Chen Gong. The customer first sent the drawings to Chen Gong for inquiry. Chen Gong gave him the company's information and made an appointment to visit him the next day.

The so-called three-point Pro, chen Gong is not worried that the customer will not cooperate with him. As long as he remembers himself, one day he will choose Chen gong to have such a belief and continue to keep in touch with him, and invited him to visit our company to understand. When the customer came to Shenzhen prototype processing factory, Chen Gong seized this opportunity and showed him the products he had made before. The appearance was very beautiful.

then Chen Gong also took him to visit the dust-free workshop of the tuowei model, chen Gong explained to him that before using dust-free workshop fuel injection, it is necessary to wear anti-static clothes and air shower rooms, so there is very little dust inside, and it can be spotless when the prototype fuel injection. The customer was very satisfied with the strength of the Shenzhen prototype processing factory and also made a request. After the two sides reached an agreement, the transaction was made. In the process of production, Chen Gong took pictures of each link to the customer.

The customer said that the extension model was followed up very well and she was very relieved, at the time of shipment, the three-dimensional inspection report is also included. If you need to find a Shenzhen prototype processing factory with a very powerful fuel injection, look at the extension model.

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