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Shenzhen prototype processing factory-Escort you to develop new products

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-08- 17 17: 26

prototype model manufacturing is a very important link in the process of new product development. Under normal circumstances, the drawings just designed have not been inspected, and there will be more or less defects and deficiencies, so it is necessary to find a Shenzhen prototype processing factory to make several samples. It can verify the feasibility of the product, and can identify the defects and defects of the planned product, and facilitate the modification and improvement of the enterprise.

However, prototypes made by subsequent Shenzhen prototype processing plants can be used as product promotion promotion. The current product market competition has reached a white-hot stage. Homogenization is very serious. If you want to win surprisingly in the market, you need to develop creative products. After receiving the customer's drawings, the prototype manufacturer will perform CNC machining or 3d printing first, and then carry out post-processing operations such as polishing, fuel injection, silk screen printing and electroplating of the products.

If you have a good design philosophy, just make a drawing and send it to the extension model. The relevant responsible personnel will quote you within 1 hour. Shenzhen prototype processing factory has a precision of 0 in the production of prototypes. More than 05mm, as long as you have 3d drawings, the extension model can send you a good prototype in a short time. If you have a prototype production requirement, please contact online customer service on the right side of the page.

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