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Shenzhen prototype processing factory which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2017-09- 01 22: 57

Since Shenzhen is the place where the prototype industry started earlier, the prototype production technology is very mature, and many factories and enterprises that need to make high-precision prototypes, will choose the prototype factory in Shenzhen to process. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 1000 prototype processing plants in Shenzhen, and the strength is also uneven. There are as many as dozens of large prototype companies, and there are only one or two small workshops in the cnc machining center. There are so many prototype factories in Shenzhen, which one is better to choose? If you go online to search, you will find a lot of praise for the extension model, then what are the advantages of the extension model?

If you need to find a powerful prototype company in Shenzhen, the extension model is an option you can't miss, 15 years of experience in prototype model making, with a plant area of more than 6000 square meters and 120 employees. The company has 55 large CNC machining centers, 1 3d printer imported from Israel and 1 fully automatic vacuum die machine, which can meet your all-round customization needs. In addition, the company also has professional personnel for sample post-processing and dust-free paint spraying rooms, the products can be polished, painted, sandblasting, Ash spraying, silk screen printing, pad printing, UV oil, metal oxidation, wire drawing, electroplating and other complete surface treatment work, meet the customer's requirements for high quality model.

Hello everyone, it's really good
BYD Chinese design Institute LH Labs, USA

believe that after you read this, be able to choose a suitable prototype factory among many Shenzhen prototype factories.

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