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Shenzhen prototype proofing factory which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
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The prototype proofing is popular. The prototype is based on the premise that there is no mold opening, according to the product appearance drawings or structural drawings, one or several functional prototypes used to check the appearance or structural rationality. If you have a prototype that Needs proofing, it is especially important to find a good prototype factory, which not only relates to the quality of the prototype and the delivery date-- If you need to go to the exhibition with a prototype, the quality and delivery date determine your order.

Since Shenzhen is the place where prototype proofing technology started earlier, Shenzhen's prototype quality is higher than that in other parts of China, many research and hair companies in other regions are willing to find a prototype factory in Shenzhen to proofing, which is due to the large number of prototype factories in Shenzhen and high visibility. Among the many prototype proofing factories in Shenzhen, the extension model is relatively powerful, with more than 60 experienced prototype masters and 45 large CNC machining centers, it is necessary to know that the prototype industry is an industry with a low threshold. Most prototype factories have only five or six sets of equipment. It is already a big factory with 10 CNC machining centers, however, there are very few prototype proofing factories such as the extension model.

The benefits of proofing in the extension model

◆ various imported testing equipment ( For example, in the third dimension, imported Sanfeng calipers and millimeters, dental gauge and plug gauge)Strictly control the good quality.

◆ advanced technical advantages, employing CTO from the United States as technical director, introduce advanced fuel injection technology abroad.

◆ the company has 45 cnc machining centers as well as 3d printers and fully automatic vacuum re-mold equipment imported from Israel, can be in 3 ~ Ship within 5 days.

45 CNC devices 24 hourly processing
only 3 ~ 5 days
free home delivery in the same city

◆ the processing stroke can reach 1800, it is able to process complex prototypes as a whole, so that the prototypes are beautifully and firmly designed.

select the prototype factory, not only the price to choose, but also the quality of the product, so the selection of the prototype processing plant is the key. Tuowei model has 15 years of experience in prototype proofing. With its exquisite technology and efficient service, it is well recognized by domestic and foreign customers. With the selection of the extension model, the delivery and quality of the prototype can be guaranteed to ensure that you can participate in the exhibition in time or improve the accuracy of new product testing.

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If you are not satisfied with the prototype effect you made, the prototype accuracy is less than positive and negative 0. 1mm, you can't achieve your assembly requirements. You feel the appearance effect of the prototype sample (Surface treatment such as fuel injection, silk screen printing and electroplating) , Can not reach 99% of the fidelity of the finished mold.

you only need to return our prototype express within 3 days of receiving our prototype, we will create a new prototype for you immediately, unconditional and free of charge.

not only that, all the shipping costs back and forth are borne by me, you have no risk, we are still friends.

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