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Shenzhen prototype proofing manufacturer, providing 1-to-1 service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-07- 24 20: 14

The strength and quality of Shenzhen prototype proofing factory is much better than that of other prototype proofing factories, however, since the prototype industry is an industry with a low threshold, it can be opened by investing in tens of thousands of equipment, so the strength of various manufacturers in the prototype industry is uneven, there are large CNC prototype factories with hundreds of equipment, and there are only one or two small workshops with equipment. So what kind of manufacturers are there?

The extension model was established in 2002, 17 years focus on customized production of precision prototype models. So far, there are 55 large CNC machining centers with more than 100 employees, including a batch of five-axis machines, with a processing accuracy of 0. 01mm, can process complex and precise prototypes, because the general investment in prototype lines is not high, so it is already the leader in the industry to have such a configuration.

Shenzhen prototype proofing factory has more than 30 experienced businesses, each project has a special person to follow up and provide production and processing progress so that customers can rest assured in the process of processing.

Shenzhen prototype proofing manufacturer can achieve 0 prototype accuracy. 01mm, and provide warm service at the same time. If you have relevant prototype proofing requirements, you may wish to look at the extension model.

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