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Shenzhen prototype which is good

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2016-11- 28 21: 58

before developing new products, design drawings are usually required. After designing a new product, we don't know if its structure and size are reasonable, so prototypes need to be used. By making prototypes, we can visually observe the shortcomings of the design and improve them to make the new products more perfect.

If the prototype is generally made, the first thing to consider is the Shenzhen area. First, the popularity of the Shenzhen prototype factory is high, second, the prototype factory in Shenzhen started earlier and the technology is very mature. Although there are many prototype factories in Shenzhen, the strength of each manufacturer is uneven. Some small prototype factories have only two or three equipment, and the boss takes orders and acts as technicians; The large-scale prototype factory has dozens of equipment and dozens of prototype masters, and has accumulated rich technical experience. The Shenzhen extension model is a model among them.

Shenzhen extension model we started working on prototype model production in 2002, up to now, it has 15 years of experience in Prototyping. The company has 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 160 technicians. It is mainly committed to prototype 3D printing, plastic hardware prototype model, small batch compound mold, etc. , it has come to today in its own unique way, now'Extension model' It is already famous, and it is a leader in the prototype industry.

◆ various imported testing equipment ( For example, in the third dimension, imported Sanfeng calipers and millimeters, dental gauge and plug gauge)Strictly control the good quality.

◆ advanced technical advantages, employing CTO from the United States as technical director, introduce advanced fuel injection technology abroad.

◆ the company has 45 cnc machining centers as well as 3d printers and fully automatic vacuum re-mold equipment imported from Israel, can be in 3 ~ Ship within 5 days.

45 CNC devices 24 hourly processing
only 3 ~ 5 days
free home delivery in the same city

◆ the processing stroke can reach 1800, it is able to process complex prototypes as a whole, so that the prototypes are beautifully and firmly designed.

to sum up, the extension model is an option that cannot be missed if you need to make a prototype.

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