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Shenzhen Shajing private prototype customization to help you improve the 'force grid'

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2018-02- 01 16: 52

'Private customization' As a symbol of identity, many successful people with identity like to customize a different luxury to show their taste. Chen Zong of Tiandi inter-national tourism is such a boss with personality. He spent heavily on buying a Buddha statue of high-end atmosphere and wanted to buy a'Right door' The base of the Buddha statue is filled with the base, but it can't be bought properly. In a hurry, the extension model is found through the network.

Chen Zong of the Inter-national tourism agency is not very familiar with the prototype industry, so he sought a good solution to the business he docked with. In order to show the high-end atmosphere, the relevant business suggested that he use brass to do it. Moreover, since his Buddha statue is also yellow, it is more coordinated with the base of brass and will not appear abrupt.

since Chen has no design drawings, he asked us to design one for him and was willing to pay extra for it. Due to the need to pick up some data on the Buddha base during the design, Chen always drove the Buddha to send it over. After everything was ready, the tuowei production department began to prototype.

The process of this brass base prototype is still relatively simple, only CNC machining, polishing and sandblasting, but it is not simple to do, especially the texture on the prototype of the Buddha base is gong out with the CNC machining center, there are not two brushes that really can't come out. Mr. Chen was very satisfied with the prototype of the Buddha base. When he came to the Tuowei model, he also took a photo with our ou gong at the front desk.

with this Buddha statue and base prototype, can instantly improve the general office of Chen'Force grid' If you also need to customize a private prototype, you can choose the extension model.

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