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Shenzhen Shajing prototype factory, the quality of the prototype is guaranteed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-09- 20 12: 08

If you want to find a prototype factory in Shenzhen, Shajing area is a good choice. This is the place where the prototype industry started earlier and the technology is relatively mature. There are many Shajing prototype factories, but there are various differences. For example, the scale, equipment and technical differences have large prototype manufacturers with dozens of equipment, and there are also small workshops with only one or two equipment, excluding small workshops and some small-scale manufacturers, there is not much strength left. So how can we find a reliable prototype factory in Shajing area.

in selecting a prototype when the factory, if conditions permit, it is better to go to the field to inspect, so as to have a general understanding of the strength and scale of the manufacturer, it can be evaluated whether they can make high-quality prototypes and guarantee the delivery date. At the same time, they can also avoid some small workshop manufacturers or some trading companies. Second, we also need to know its processing technology and processing life. The more comprehensive the processing technology is, the less necessary it is to send it to other prototype factories to prevent drawings from leaking, thus protecting customers' business secrets, it will not be known by peers and competitors before the new product has been developed; The longer the processing period, the quality of the prototype is more guaranteed.

Shenzhen Tuwei prototype factory is located in Shajing area, standing in the prototype model industry for 16 years, I have cooperated with large companies in the industry many times, and I am your trusted partner!

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