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Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory-The rating rate reached 99 per cent

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-08- 06 11: 38

The prototype model is understood to be used for testing new products or exhibitors, and in many prototype factories, shenzhen prototype factory is very common and many. It is easy to say that the cost performance of the prototype factory is high, but many friends say that the same is Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory. Why is the price different?

as recently, mr. Huang from Sichuan has a new product to verify and needs to use a prototype model. At first, Mr. Huang found a Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory with a relatively low quotation to cooperate, however, when using it, the trouble was constant. At first, the product was verified and the problem was found, which delayed a lot of time. Although several products were hard on the scalp, once the test was found to be unqualified, too many defects. Therefore, Mr. Huang hurried to find another prototype model manufacturer. Although the price is more expensive than before, I have to say that the previous problems have never happened again.

In fact, looking for Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory is the same as buying things, it is not only necessary to look at the price, but also the overall strength of the other side and the quality of the product. The prototype model manufacturer of tuowei model has served more than 3000 customers nationwide in 18 years, with a good evaluation rate of 99 per cent and visible and good quality.

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