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Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory-Work hard

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-08- 06 11: 35

Mr. Wu of Dongguan is the purchasing manager of a Technology Co. , Ltd. If the business owner does some product research and development, there is a product that needs to be verified in the near future, so a prototype model needs to be customized, so a Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory needs to be found.

because the requirements for products are more stringent, therefore, the requirements for the prototype model have also been improved. Mr. Wu searched the Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory online to find several manufacturers, and the extension model is among them. Mr. Wu communicated with the prototype model manufacturers one by one these days, visited and inspected, but gave Mr. Wu the feeling that they almost all said very well, a specific look is not so a matter. However, it is a very stable feeling to come to the extension model.

few days later, Mr. Wu arrived at the extension model, while visiting and inspecting, Mr. Wu chatted with tuowei's Technical Engineers. In response to Mr. Wu's clear questions, tuowei's technical engineers answered very carefully. After the visit, Mr. Wu was very satisfied with Tuwei, it is a realistic Shenzhen sheet metal prototype factory. On the same day, Mr. Wu reached cooperation with Tuowei. Sometimes there is no need to exaggerate, and the down-to-earth is also not trusted by customers and received orders.

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