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Shenzhen sheet metal prototype processing factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-06- 22 22: 40

In the process of prototyping, there is a prototype called a sheet metal prototype, because the prototype itself takes into account a heat dissipation or the design needs of the result, the material level of the part is set very thin, usually below 1mm, and even some are only 0. 2mm thickness, this kind of part is definitely difficult to do if it is processed with a general CNC machine tool, and because it is processed with metal materials, the hardness and strength of the material itself are also relatively high. At this time, we need to make and form by CNC punching machine or bending.

In precision sheet metal processing, the strength and rigidity of the material used in the sample should be higher, and the thickness should not be too thin. The sheet must be straight, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the workpiece. When making a sample, mark it with a sharp thread needle and a sharp sample, make it fine, draw the line, and then cut the edge with scissors, and the edges must be neat.

must check it yourself first after doing it well, then it will be inspected by the inspection department. The development of precision sheet metal processing technology is to focus the laser beam on the surface of the material with a focus mirror to melt the material, while blowing away the melted material with a compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam, and make the laser beam and the material move along a certain trajectory, so as to form a cut seam of a certain shape. Laser cutting processing technology is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metallic materials such as machine tools, construction machinery, electrical switches, elevators, grain machinery, textile machinery, locomotive manufacturing, etc, the laser cutting processing technology greatly reduces the processing time, reduces the processing cost, and improves the quality of the workpiece.

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