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Shenzhen Shiyan prototype factory-No more choices

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-05- 19 12: 17

prototypes are widely used in newly developed products, which can help enterprises reduce R & D costs and develop new products faster. In order to enter the market faster. There are high prototype requirements in some places, but the prototype factory is probably only one for a hundred miles. Just like Shiyan, Shiyan's enterprises can only look for prototype factories around them, and choosing Shenzhen Shiyan prototype factory requires entrepreneurs to play a wise mind so as not to find small manufacturers.

as Mr. Shi of the previous period, every time a new product is developed, it will always be lured by the surface benefits of a small factory, so it is a difficult problem for him to find a prototype factory every time. This time he chose to look for a prototype factory on the Internet and search for'Shenzhen Shiyan prototype factory'Found information about the company. Contact customer service left contact information. The customer's contact information was given to the salesman. In the preliminary chat, I learned that the gentleman was confused by the small manufacturer and did not believe the prototype factory. Therefore, the salesman Duan Gong invited Mr. Shi to come to the factory for on-the-spot inspection.

after a few days, Mr. Shi came over. The Duan Gong of Shenzhen Shiyan prototype factory warmly received the gentleman and further discussed with Mr. Shi. Then I went to the sample room, looked at the samples made by Tuowei before, and went to the cnc workshop, programming department, manual department, fuel spraying room, and so on to explain them one by one. Mr. Shi may think that this is a reliable manufacturer, and he first gave a small part to do it first. After receiving the samples in a few days, Mr. Shi was very satisfied and continued to make the remaining orders.

so manufacturers that can trust customers, there is no extraordinary technology, but the ability to give customers a comfortable experience. Find the Shenzhen Shiyan prototype factory, then choose the extension model, here, waiting for you!

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