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Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory has a beautiful appearance and is well received by customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-11- 30 17: 07

for customers who make prototypes, they all want their own prototypes to look beautiful, in this way, you can get more eyeballs and more orders at the exhibition. However, in reality, there are not many prototype factories that can make the prototype model look very beautiful. Let's introduce this prototype Company to you.

According to the comprehensive analysis of the current market environment, the extension model is still trustworthy and ensures the quality of all aspects of the prototype, meet the standards of user satisfaction. The reason why the extension model can be deeply concerned by customers is mainly due to the following two points:

1. Hire us cto as the technical director, the introduction of advanced fuel injection technology in the United States. Mr. BRADLEE, who has worked in a prototype factory in the United States for ten years, then worked in two well-known foreign-owned prototypes in China for nearly four years, it has accumulated an advanced prototype production experience at home and abroad, especially through a variety of special inkjet technology.

2. dust-free workshop has been set up, under normal circumstances, at the time of injection, due to dust on the body and hair, these dust will inevitably touch the surface of the prototype, forming many spots, seriously affecting the aesthetics of the prototype. It is for this reason that the dust-free workshop was established in Shenzhen tuowei prototype model factory.

Because of the Shenzhen Tuwei prototype the factory hired CTO as the technical director of the United States, and the dust-free workshop was established to make a beautiful prototype, which was deeply concerned by customers.

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