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Shijiazhuang prototype 17 years professional prototype company to serve you

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-10- 25 22: 06

Hello everyone, there are many customers in Shijiazhuang prototype recently. It is also because our company has accumulated countless praise and reputation in the prototype production industry for 17 years. And through the old customers to find us.

In October of this year, there was a robot structural engineer from Shijiazhuang. When looking for a Shijiazhuang prototype and making a manufacturer, when we saw the name of our company, we clicked in. Ask if we can make this robot prototype and send 3D drawings. After negotiation and negotiation by our project manager, we reached a very pleasant cooperation. This also shows that our services and expertise meet the needs of our customers.

has won the trust of customers and started processing and production. Each production link is reported to the customer in real time by our salesman. After receiving the drawings, we provide one-stop service. After receiving the prototype we made. The customer was very satisfied that he liked the prototype we made. The previous Shijiazhuang prototype and manufacturer often had problems due to insufficient technical experience. Finally, we have found a solution and hope to cooperate for a long time.

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