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Shiyan prototype factory teaches you to do Resource management

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-12- 20 16: 28

resource management is also very important. I remember when I first entered the Shiyan prototype factory, I didn't understand anything. I didn't know anything about industry, it took more than two months to slowly accumulate potential customer resources. Through the network, WeChat, telephone and other channels, customer information can be found in the past. As long as you understand the type of customer and the business of the customer company, you can find something that the other party is interested in. For a long time, the customer has an impression on himself. After deciding that he is good, it is easy to talk about cooperation. After all, the foundation of cooperation lies in trust.

few days ago, the company said that the annual meeting was held on the 23rd, I had a brainwave and contacted several customers, saying that there was a discount on the order at the end of the year. Our customers who place orders before the 31st will be given a discount. With this, of course, the customer's feedback and inquiry have also sold several customers. These customers are all customers I contact regularly. Many of them have not been ordered, but slowly, they also have the impression that there is a stone prototype factory in Shenzhen called Tuowei model. I still believe that persistence will pay off.

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