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Sichuan prototype factory-Strict secrecy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-02- 21 14: 57

some time ago, a Miss Liu from Sichuan searched online'Sichuan prototype factory' After finding the tuowei model, Huang Gong salesman immediately received the miss liu. Huang Gong briefly asked some prototypes that Miss Liu needed. few minutes later, huang Gong can feel that she seems a little hesitant from Miss Liu's words. After asking Miss Liu the reason, I learned that their company had found a company to do a robot model before, but I don't know why. The drawings were leaked out and the losses were huge.

after learning this message, salesman Huang Gong explained to her that Sichuan prototype factory not only has a confidential agreement to protect your interests, but also confidential software. The company's computers are equipped with confidential software, which can be decrypted unless authorized by the general manager himself, prevent leakage of drawings. Miss Liu was very happy after listening and signed a contract with him. Huang Gong immediately brought confidential documents. After discussing with engineers, Huang Gong summed up a set of plans. After a week, the project was finally completed.

The salesman Huang Gong sent the photo to Miss Liu, who was very satisfied, after repeatedly confirming that the drawings were not leaked, the package was delivered to Miss Liu. Many customers are more concerned about the issue of secrecy. They don't want to be in the process of prototyping. The product drawings are leaked out. When cooperating with Sichuan prototype factory, they will choose a confidential and strict one, in this way, customers will rest assured that long-term cooperation of mutual benefit!

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