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Six basic technical processes of silicone mold manufacturing process

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
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six basic technical processes of silicone mold manufacturing process

silicone has good simulation, strength and extremely low shrinkage rate. Making elastic molds with this material is simple and easy to use, without special technology and equipment, it can be made at room temperature for only a few hours. The silicone mold can withstand repeated use and rough operation, can maintain the precision tolerance of the prototype and mass production products, and can directly process parts with complex shapes, eliminating the process of milling and polishing, moreover, demoulding is very easy, greatly shortening the trial production cycle of the product, and the modification of the mold is also very convenient. In addition, because the silicone mold has good flexibility and elasticity, for parts with complex structure, fine pattern, no demoulding slope or reverse demoulding slope and deep groove, the parts can be taken out directly after pouring, which is unique to other molds. The following describes the process of making silicone molds

prototype model prototype surface treatment

RP rapid prototyping prototype generally exists between its laminated sections step lines or gaps, polishing and anti-seepage and strengthening treatment are required to improve the surface smoothness and moisture resistance and heat resistance of the prototype. Only the surface of the prototype is smooth enough to ensure the surface roughness of the silicone mold made, which in turn ensures that the converted product has a high surface quality and is easy to remove from the silicone mold.

make frame and fixed prototype

design the shape and size of the pouring frame according to the geometric size of the prototype and the silicone mold use requirements, the size of the frame should be moderate. Before fixing the prototype, it is necessary to determine the location of the parting surface and the gate. The location of the parting surface and the gate must be very important, it directly affects whether the pouring prototype model can be demoulded smoothly and the pouring quality of the prototype model is good or bad. When the parting surface and gate are selected and processed, the prototype is fixed in the type box.

silicone metering, mixing and vacuum defoaming

The amount of silica gel should be accurately measured according to the size of the frame made and the density of silica gel. Add the measured silica gel to the appropriate proportion of the hardening agent, stir evenly and then vacuum defoaming. The defoaming time should be mastered according to the vacuum degree reached.

silicone pouring and curing

silicone mixture is poured into the fixed prototype box after vacuum defoaming. In the pouring process, some skills should be mastered. After pouring the silicone, in order to ensure that the cavity is filled well, vacuum defoaming is carried out again. The purpose of defoaming is to extract the gas incorporated into the silica gel during the pouring process and the gas enclosed in the prototype cavity. The defoaming time should be appropriately longer than the defoaming time before pouring, the specific time should be based on the operational time of the selected silicone material and the size of the prototype. After defoaming, the silicone mold can be hardened by itself or heated. Heating hardening can shorten the hardening time.

removing the frame, cutting the mold and removing the prototype

when the silicone mold is hardened, you can remove the frame and remove the gate rod. Refer to the mark of the prototype parting surface to split the mold, remove the prototype, and clean the cavity of the silicone mold as necessary, the silicone mold can be used to make resin or plastic products in vacuum.

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