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Six details to pay attention to when machining CNC prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2013-05- 13 20: 53

six details that need attention in machining CNC prototype model

1. The prototype of conventional products is generally made of ABS material, which is easy to process and beautiful after prototype processing.

2. Prototype of high temperature resistant products, optional material

(1)Epoxy resin;

(2)Electric wood;

(3)Black PC;

(4)PA (Nylon).

these four materials can not be bonded except for black PC, and need to be processed as a whole.

3. Wear resistance product prototype, optional POM or PA. Neither of these two materials can be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

4. High toughness product prototype, can be used with PA or PP. Neither of these two materials can be bonded and need to be processed as a whole.

5. Prototype of transparent product, can be used in silicone (Acrylic)Transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials. The prototype made of these materials is polished and transparent to achieve the same effect as the real product.

6. The surface treatment of the product prototype is generally divided into surface effects such as fuel injection, electroplating, Frosted, silk screen printing and pad printing. The prototype fuel injection is divided into smooth surface, dumb surface, sand surface, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color, rubber oil and other effects.

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