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Six major steps in prototyping

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2017-09- 01 22: 28

The prototype model is a mold that is often used in industrial design and production, at present, most of the prototype model manufacturers use the CNC machining center to realize the production. When making a prototype model, the following steps will be taken: 1. Programming. Programming is a step in prototype model making. Programmers will analyze the 3D data of the product and write the program language of the control CNC machining center. 2. CNC machining. It is to input the program language into the computer and process it through the program's commands. 3. Manual processing. After the product has been renovated and processed, the work completed at the same time has data proofreading work, as well as the process of removing and polishing the edges. This process can be handled manually. 4. Surface treatment. Through various ways to achieve different surface effects in the effect diagram, there are mainly painting and electroplating methods during treatment, and in some cases there will also be Anode Oxidation and wire drawing treatment. 5. Assembly. After the prototype is processed, it is necessary to carry out assembly and data detection. However, before surface processing, it is generally necessary to first test and assemble to ensure the performance of the equipment. 6. Packaging. After the product processing is completed, the quality inspection work will be carried out, and then the product will be packaged. However, the above work is only a relatively rough work step. In actual operation, it must be determined according to management methods, enterprise scale and other factors, and processed in a more appropriate way.

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