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Six things you didn’t know about Formula 1

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Daniel Ricciardo and the Infiniti Red Bull of Australia took part in the pre-Australian f1 race.
Source: Getty imagesitt is more than just fast cars and fast driving.
Behind the scenes of Formula One racing and garage is a spectacular, huge job.
Live report: Australia F1 GRAND PRIXHere is six things you may not know about the peak of racing: Some teams have specialized scientists to study minerals in car oil
Tracking scientists
The main sponsor of the Mercedes team is the lubricating oil company Petronas, so they asked some scientists to check the oil samples under a microscope to make sure that there were no unwanted minerals or chemicals that they had come in.
Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes GP in the UK drive on the way to complete the first duriSource: nearly 30 Getty ImagesA crew returned to the team\'s home workshop, although they were not on the track, but they still help on the day of the game, which does not mean that the crew returning home can\'t help.
Mercedes has a team of 24 people in Europe, working 1000 times per second and simulating changes in the car, setting the best settings for the car, and communicating through BlackBerry\'s BBM service.
Daniel Ricciardo Australia and Infiniti Red Bull team to participate in the parade driver befSource: Getty ImagesMost breaks into 3D printed partsIn as something that needs to be evaluated in an industry and changes it frequently, once a week, you need to produce these parts regularly, that\'s why most teams use 3D printing.
Unlike most consumer 3D printers, these parts are made of steel instead of plastic.
Previously, the parts were only used in testing, but in 2014 they will be used on real cars.
The floor of the car gives the maximum downward force. The overall idea for f1 racing is that the large wings on both sides of the front and back give a downward force to keep the car on track.
But in fact, the floor of the car and the rear diffuser account for 60 of the work.
Due to the change in the exhaust position, the lower pressure of the car this year is less, no longer pushing the smoke to the rear diffuser.
This year, Kimi Raikkonen will play for the Ferrari team.
Source: The driver of Getty image must handle the g-of 5G-
When braking, F1 drivers have to deal with up to 5G of pressure physically, which is more than g-
When you run away on Superman, you feel the power, but in every corner where they brake.
So every corner of the f1 riders, their bodies are begging them to stop, but they have to fight and move on for two hours.
Exhaust gas is a very hot exhaust gas. the exhaust gas discharged from Formula One racing car is usually about 950 degrees Celsius.
This is 50 higher than the temperature required to melt aluminum at 660 degrees Celsius.
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