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six-year-old gets 3d-printed prosthetic arm and hand

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Born on Friday without most of the right arm, a Florida boy brought back a new forearm and functioning hand
They hope this will change the way artificial limbs are made, especially for children.
Artificial limbs made for 6-year-
Jon Shure said that old Alex prin was one of at least 50 people created by a group of international contributors over the past year, who worked together online and printed it out on a 3D printer, last July, A scientist at the Rochester Institute of Technology launched the online group.
Pring\'s prosthetic arm, which costs about $350, is the group\'s first child to operate it without a wrist or elbow, Schull said.
\"I\'ll open things, climb trees, do everything everyone else does,\" said Pring, a resident of grovelan, outside Orlando, who was able to give his mother his first two. armed hug.
Children usually do not get artificial limbs in the process of growing up, in part because of the cost
Usually up to $40,000
The University of Central Florida said in a statement that the university\'s students helped make Pring prosthetic limbs but were not included in many insurance plans.
Schull set up a name called E-
After being informed that a South African man had lost several fingers in the saw accident, he seized the future.
This man named Richard Van As works with a marionette from Seattle.
It costs \"Robohand\" to use a 3D printer and publish the design online.
\"I realized that if the design is free, it is possible to recruit a group of virtual volunteers around the world with a 3D printer,\" Schull said . \".
He said that about 1,300 people are now joining the organization, including Albert Manello, a graduate student of mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida, who took over the Pring case with a team of colleagues.
Manero and his collaborators designed Pring\'s fake hand and lower arm to activate through muscle energy in the bicep.
The arm blueprint that took eight weeks to create will be donated to E-
Manero said he joined six other hand designs that had already been provided through the group for use by others.
\"Our team feels very strongly that you should not profit from providing weapons to your children,\" he said . \".
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