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SLA and SLS Printing’s Principles and Characteristics

SLA and SLS Printing’s Principles and Characteristics


SLA and SLS printing technologies are two common technologies of 3D printing. We would like to tell you about the process tolerance for our 3d printing technologies, the 3d printing sla and sls materials available and the printers capacity. This would aid your quality control process a lot.


What does SLA and SLS Stand for in 3D Printing?

The SLA printing process focuses lasers of a specific strength on the surface of a 3D printed sla and sls materials to solidify it. SLA molding is mainly a process from point to line and line to surface. 

The principle of SLS (selective laser sintering) method is shown in the following figure:

1) the sls powder particles are stored in the feeding bin on the left, and the lifting platform of the feeding bin is raised upward during printing. The sls powder that is higher than the printing plane is pushed to the printing plate of the printing bin through the sls powder roller, forming a very thin and planar powder layer.

2) at this time, the laser beam scanning system will conduct selective scanning on the powder layer according to the two-dimensional CAD path of the slice. The scanned sls powder particles will be sintered together due to the high temperature of the laser focus, and solid thin slices with a certain thickness will be generated. The unscanned areas will remain in the original loose powder shape;

3) after the first layer is sintered, the printing platform will drop according to the section height, and the horizontal roller will smooth the sls powder again, and then the sintering of a new layer will begin. At this point, the layers are also sintered together; 4) repeat until all the layers are sintered. Remove and recover the unsintered powder to remove the printed solid model

sla and sls

About the tolerance: SLA printing can be 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm and SLS can be reach 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm.


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