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Small Batch prototype, no drawings can be processed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-11- 01 11: 03

Although Miss Zhou of Shenzhen Gongming has been purchasing for many years, she still made the first purchase of the prototype, I don't know anything about tolerance and accuracy. This time, because the boss asked her to find a powerful prototype factory on the Internet, she searched'Small Batch prototype'The extension model was found.

after a short period of communication, the relevant business of tuowei model learned that Miss Zhou had no way to provide drawings, but the prototype she wanted to do was a small batch of re-molds. Therefore, the relevant business suggested that she send the samples and use the sample directly to open the silicone mold, then copy the small batch prototype, so that some drawing design fees can be saved.

Miss Zhou sent a sample to the extension model, according to this sample, the production department of the extension model directly opened the silicone mold, and then carried out a small batch of compound molds. Although the unit price of the small batch prototype is relatively low, the accuracy is indeed slightly lower than that of other methods.

after receiving the small batch prototype made by the extension model, it feels good. Although the price is slightly higher than other prototype factories, it is better than them in terms of delivery and quality.

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