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Small Batch prototype processing to avoid the risk of high cost mold opening

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 02 11: 15

Since the cost of mold manufacturing is generally high, the value of the larger mold is 100,000 or even millions, if the structure is found unreasonable or other problems in the process of opening the mold, the loss can be imagined. Small Batch prototype processing can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening. Because many start-up companies have invested a lot of costs in the early stage of the product, if the market response is not good after the product is opened and put into the market, it will make the enterprise go downhill.

There are several technologies for small batch prototyping, like silicone molds, vacuum re-molds, low pressure perfusion, etc. , these processing methods are characterized by not many quantities, and low cost and short production cycle. Under normal circumstances, a set of silicone molds can be copied about 20 sets, and the unit price is relatively low. Generally, a set of tens of yuan can greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise.

Shenzhen extension model has 10 fully automatic vacuum die machine, with 17 years of experience in vacuum re-molding, it can provide small batch prototype processing for small and medium-sized enterprises and reduce the risk caused by mold opening.

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