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SoCal Students Work with Ducks to \'Build a Better Puck\'

by:Tuowei     2019-08-27
Just last month, 16,000 local pupils came to the Honda Center to join the Anaheim Ducks. C. O. R. E.
The project\'s first flight field trip, with third-to sixth-grade students from over 170 schools exploring design, construction and science behind one of the most important elements of hockey in the classroom --the puck.
As part of S. C. O. R. E.
(Academic curriculum for entertainment and education) the largest annual event of the program, in January, sent 700 educational kits to schools in Southern California containing workbooks and materials based on this year\'s theme, \"make a better ice hockey.
\"Not just one --
A companion course on flight 1 is designed to help teachers and students explore hockey --
Based on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) concepts through hands-on operations
Activities to prepare for their field trip to the arena.
Nicole Webb\'s 30 students in the fourth grade classroom at Orange Cambridge primary school have been looking forward to the first flight experience since the start of school.
Weber, a longtime hockey enthusiast whose classroom decoration reflects her love for ducks, has used S for the fourth year. C. O. R. E. curriculum.
\"This is one of my favorite things to do,\" Webb said of the first flight . \".
\"The students know that when they were in my class at the beginning of the year, I was a hockey enthusiast, which made them excited about learning science in an interesting way.
\"In the weeks leading up to the first flight field trip, Weber\'s fourth-grade students took out their exercise books every afternoon, divided into groups, studied scientific and engineering concepts such as materials, the shape and volume of ice hockey, all in preparation for the opportunity to develop their own ice hockey design.
\"They may not remember all the specific details, but they will remember the experiences,\" Webb said . \".
\"That\'s why I like the show. It\'s so hands-on.
\"Power Academy, a project --
Basic Learning Public Charter School in Huntington Beach took part in the first flight field trip with third grade students, the first time the school took part.
Like Weber, the third-grade teacher at the Power Academy, Bridget Downey, took her students through the practice book chapters in the classroom before taking a field trip.
Students explore the properties of different materials in groups and their effects on friction before making their own ice hockey designs.
\"Children like all the classes, especially trying the materials,\" Donnie said . \".
\"They are very excited to design their own puck.
\"After completing the workbook course, all participating schools and students have the opportunity to design their own ice hockey\" build better ice hockey \"challenge using Autodesk\'s online 3D design tool Tinkercad on their first flight.
Students at Cambridge Elementary School logged into their classroom laptop and experimented with Tinkercad with the size, thickness and texture of the puck.
Grade 4 student Andres Bennett proposes several designs using a variety of surface areas and textures.
\"I like how these classes show us facts about science, so it\'s fun,\" Andres said . \".
\"I \'ve never been to the Honda Center to see ducks before and the field trip was on my birthday so I\'m looking forward to it.
Students participating in the school submitted their \"build better puck\" design through Tinkercad, four of which were selected and printed by a 3D printer.
On the day of the first flight field trip, the Honda Center was packed with 16,000 screaming students, and the Ducks took to the ice to bring the workbook and scientific concepts behind the \"build better ice hockey\" course into life --
They use the student\'s waydesigned pucks.
Jesse Mora from Cambridge Elementary School, from John F. Cardon.
Kennedy Elementary School, Eddie of the power Academy and Louis huita of the Yermo school sit on the bench of the players with their teachers and watch the Ducks compete in rod handling, their winning hockey design passes and shooting training.
\"It\'s so cool,\" said Jesse of Cambridge primary school . \".
\"I really like it in front of the camera.
The players gave me cheers and they gave us pictures and puc kids to take home.
I think it\'s really great.
I feel like one of the Ducks.
\"In recognition of their design and creativity, the four students received a Monoprice 3D printer dedicated to the classroom, provided by the SoCal Honda dealer.
For many participating students, this is their first visit to the Honda Center and seeing professional athletes using hockey to illustrate the scientific concept is an experience they will not forget soon.
\"It\'s great to see all my students so excited to interact with sports and teams I love so much,\" Webb said . \".
\"Their learning is applied to reality.
The living environment does help to understand the importance behind science and mathematics.
It\'s really incredible to have a student\'s ice hockey selected as one of the four finalists.
This experience really ignited the enthusiasm of Cambridge students to continue their engineering activities.
Although field trips have ended, learning has only just begun, as some schools plan to adopt steam concepts introduced in the first flight and continue to explore them in the classroom throughout the school year.
\"This field trip has had such a positive impact on dynamic students,\" Donnie said . \".
\"They worked very hard to prepare, complete the event pack and create a hockey design.
We will continue to build on the ideas presented during our first flight.
All of our student groups will be printed and judged by some community members on their hockey designs.
We are very grateful to the duck for giving us this opportunity.
I know this will be something my students will always remember.
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