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Social welfare school students unveil their innovative streak

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
Las Vegas will host the annual exhibition of the latest digital innovation.
More than 20,000 new products are expected to be presented to 2014 tech trade participants at the 152,000 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Exhibitors will spend millions at the quirky press conference;
There will be Giants-
In the resolution that your eyes are hard to appreciate, the size TV you can never afford;
Celebrities ranging from 50 cents for rappers to fleewood Mike, a rock singer;
sensor that seems endlessladen, cloud-powered, app-
Enhanced invention.
Even if it failsof-
Tomorrow may exceed the story of success, and it is always possible to see the next big thing for the first time. \"CES is a hand --
\"On the experience,\" said Gary Shapiro, chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association, which organized the event.
\"Anyone with an idea can introduce a product and see how people react to it.
Do people want to invest, do they want to buy, do they want to write.
\"TV has always been one of the biggest categories at CES, and it started as early as the first show in 1967.
Two largest manufacturers
Samsung and LG
Similar products will be launched again at this year\'s event.
Both sides have announced that (267cm)
4 k Ultra HD screen for extra size
Width 21: 9 aspect ratio.
The two companies may also show prototypes that allow users to adjust the degree of OLED bending (organic light-emitting diode)
According to The Korea Times, the flexible screen is remote controlled.
For example, the viewer can adjust the display, and when sitting close and playing video games together, the display will be more curved, but more flat when watching sports with others.
The Wall Street Journal also suggested that LG will launch the first TV powered by webOS --
The operating system used before Palm phones and HP tablets.
Leaked images released by blogger @ evleaks seem to confirm this card --
Interface-based rebirth is imminent.
Sony, Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic in Japan, as well as Hisense and TCL in China, will also launch new ultra-HD models.
But the companies are expected to adopt different strategies.
\"Chinese manufacturers promote 4 k Technology in many of their models, while Japanese and Korean brands are still looking for more advanced features, explains Edward Border of IHS Technology, a consulting firm.
\"So, for some brands, you will mainly see 4 k in a higher position --
End, but for others, it can come up in both high 30 in and low 40 in.
Polaroid\'s decision to sell a 50 in ultra-hd TV for less than $1,000 could also be disruptive.
Third, be careful. party add-
Transform the old TV into the ons of \"smart TV.
Bob, for example, is an Android-
Plug in the HDMI port to provide a power bar for YouTube and video games.
Tarsier will demonstrate special glasses called Move-
Monitor the eye of the wearer\'s hand movement, allowing them to switch channels using gesture control.
Google Glass is still waiting for a wise decision
Price release, small companies will show their own technology
Reinforced glasses.
GlassUp will show a pair of products that superimpose smartphone alerts, directions, and other app information on the user\'s right eye.
Epson is expected to launch a new version of its Moverio glasses
The first generation of users can watch 3D movies.
XoEye will use two in-
Built a five-pixel camera designed to go through wi-fi.
Many other wearable technologies will focus on fitness. Lebanese start-
There is a waterproof head at CES --
The up monitor connected to the goggles shows the wearer\'s heart rate.
Veristride will introduce a shoe insole sensor that provides feedback on the master\'s movements.
Singapore\'s Smartmissimo has promised to show athletes the world\'s first wearable \"smart electric muscle stimulus \".
Major well-known brands are also promoting this action.
Another exclusive news from @ Evleaks shows LG will launch a new fitness tracking wristband.
The company released an early model at CES in 2013, but never went public. \"LG is [also]
Evleaks told the BBC there are rumors that a smart watch is being developed that uses the same curved display technology on the latest TV and G Flex phones. \". \"For the thin-
Such a form-
The most popular is the fitted kit.
\"Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai can also use his keynote address to set out his vision for wearable technology.
Archos is trying to change the category with a watch that costs less than 50.
Many smartphones and tablets
Manufacturers have been delaying announcements before the Mobile World Congress in February or their own stand-alone program.
However, three Asian companies have confirmed that they will showcase new products: Intel will want to highlight the release of the new Windows laptop after supporting both laptops --in-
format is shown on the previous CES.
In addition, Time magazine reported that PC Plus will be launched at the event
class of devices powered by Windows 8.
Some Android applications can be run through software emulation.
Google\'s Chrome operating system will also support more PCs.
The new way to connect home items to the Web is a tenacious perennial problem at the recent CES show. Twitter-
Samsung\'s refrigerator was one of the most extreme examples of last year.
This time, the connection toothbrush of Kolibree
It provides feedback on cleaning habits through the app
Probably one of the most unusual launches.
The company says it will tell users if the brush is long enough and if they clean up the hardest things --to-
Contact a part of the teeth and gums.
Okidokeys will be the latest company to offer to unlock the front door with a mobile phone, in addition to this, you can remotely revoke the access of others.
To avoid the frustration of missing delivery, DoorBot will show a \"video doorbell\" that lets you see and talk to people waiting at your doorstep through the app, let you tell them where to put the package when you go out.
Not good enough?
Then try the smart diet scale. a Bluetooth-
With the kitchen gadget enabled, it will weigh your food and send the information to an app that calculates calories, carbs and fats before you cook it.
2012 has two 3D printersmakers at CES.
This year, tech companies have guaranteed their own zone, and about 30 companies are showing off their products.
New entrants include Singapore
After raising more than $1 from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the headquarters is located at Pirate3DP and its pirate printer. 4m (£870,000).
The company said that when plastic objects are built layer by layer, its machines are less likely to be blocked than other machines.
AIO Roboticsh in California will also showin-
Machines that scan and then print or \"fax\" a copy of the object.
3D Systems, the originator of the industry, said it would address these upstarts with three new model categories: food, ceramics andColor Plastic.
Also pay attention to Makerbot\'s petpettis, who will host a press conference on Monday before the opening of the show on Tuesday.
\"3D printing has been around for about 30 years, but many of the early developments are patented,\" said Duncan Wood, publisher of TCT Magazine, who will host a technical conference at CES.
\"But over the last three to four years these patents have started to expire and entrepreneurs are now able to build their own variants, which helps to put downward pressure on prices.
\"Despite the high price of cars in Detroit, major automakers will be out of the market
Profile motor show will start next week.
In order to distinguish between the two events, car companies may focus on connected technology at CES, not on new models.
Audi chairman Rupert Stadler will deliver a keynote speech and will present a tie
Google is rising, according to The Wall Street Journal.
It says the two companies are developing
Car entertainment and information system running on Android.
The German company\'s rivals, General Motors and Honda, may have more say in their efforts to integrate Apple\'s rival iOS software.
BMW, Ford and Mercedes
Mercedes will show their self.
Driving the vehicle while the parts-
Manufacturer Delphi will present a Tesla Model with autonomous vehicle technology.
Yahoo may be one of the other companies that attracted attention this year.
Chief executive Marissa Mayer will deliver a speech by one of the technology giants. and-a-
Half a year from Google.
\"I would love to hear her story of innovation,\" said Sef Tuma, general manager of digital services at Accenture Consulting . \".
Other players
Google, Amazon, Facebook
Play in the cloud, social, mobile operating systems, and devices.
They are basically expanding the field of existing platforms.
\"I would love to know what Yahoo is aiming.
Do they want to play a role in an arms race or do they start looking for a different strategy that is considered relevant.
Valve, a video game company, will also be closely watched.
It tells IGN that it intends to reveal who will produce the steam engine console, as well as their specifications --
This could be a success or failure moment for the upcoming Linuxbased platform.
However, boss Gabe Newell is expected to be more vague about the prospect of \"Half Life 3\" as the title of the release.
Netflix\'s chief executive, Reed Hastings, is also here.
On the launch of 4 k content, he may be suppressed.
No matter what happens at CES, the BBC will bring you news and insights about the bbc event. co. uk/ces2014.
You can also focus on some of the reporters on Twitter: tech reporter Rory Cellan-
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