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Soft glue prototype factory-Regular manufacturers are more reliable

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-05- 20 16: 12

plastic can be divided into hard glue and soft glue. Soft glue is generally PE and PP materials with low surface hardness; PS, ABS, hard PVC is called hard glue. Soft glue products are widely used. Many customers need to make soft glue prototypes because many enterprises want to make prototypes with the same materials as the products themselves when developing new products. This requires a formal prototype factory for soft glue.

Why do you want to find a regular soft glue prototype factory. Because most of the processing equipment of small manufacturers is second-hand goods, the accuracy of processing is not high, and the delivery period is slow, and the interests of customers cannot be guaranteed. So it is wise to find a regular manufacturer. Maybe you will say that the formal price will be much more expensive in terms of price, but it contains a lot of reasonable expenses. For example, you need to pay the deadline quickly, to send it to the customer within the specified time, the company will increase the labor cost and the like, and the cost paid by the natural customer will be more expensive.

just as I thought Mr. Yang had found a small manufacturer before, I didn't listen to other people's advice to find a regular soft glue prototype model manufacturer. I ate a big loss in the back. The prototype could not be used at all and was completely scrapped. This is the consequence of greed and cheap, and also scolded by the boss. Later, I heard that the prototype of the extension model is doing very well, and the online reputation is also very good, so I contacted the customer service of the extension model, and then the extension model won the customer.

after receiving the prototype sent by the extension model, very happy, the boss praised him. This shows that the prototype model of soft glue cannot be found by small manufacturers and regular manufacturers. It is also very happy that the extension model can gain customer trust. If you have any questions about the prototype factory, you can consult the online customer service on the right side!

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