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Soft rubber MP3 prototype of soft rubber prototype

by:Tuowei     2020-01-28
2017-08- 31 11: 00

tuowei prototype model factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in all kinds of prototypes, the prototype made by tuowei prototype factory includes 3d printing prototype, rapid prototyping prototype, CNC prototype, sheet metal prototype and small batch copy prototype, especially in small household appliances, such as coffee machine prototype and juice extraction prototype, prototype models of egg beater, cheese beater, juice machine and other kitchen prototypes account for 50% of our company's annual turnover. There are also car prototypes, such as car front and rear headlight prototypes and car interior light prototypes, prototype of car bumper, prototype of car interior trim. Another part of the prototype model covers personal care prototype, sunglasses prototype, computer peripheral prototype and so on.

The manufacturing process of prototype NC machining:

I. Programming: programmers analyze 3D data and write programming languages that control CNC machining centers;

II. CNC machining: input the finished programming language into the computer control machining center to execute program commands;

iii. Manual Treatment: sort out the processed products. The main contents include: Proofreading data, removing burrs, bonding, polishing, etc;

IV. Surface treatment: complete various surface effects in the effect diagram, commonly used for painting, silk screen, electroplating, special laser engraving, anodizing, wire drawing, etc;

V. Assembly: After processing, it is to carry out data detection on assembly problems, and it is necessary to carry out trial assembly before surface treatment;

vi. Packaging: packaging the tested prototype;

Advantages of tuowei prototype:

1. Able to independently produce complete prototypes, including using computers to make models, polishing, splicing, oil injection and silk screen printing, customer information will not be leaked and has strong confidentiality.

2. Advanced measurement technology controls the error to 0. 05 ~ 0. Between 1mm.

3. Technicians have more than ten years of experience in the prototype industry and belong to NO1.

4. Strict quality management policy, products must undergo strict inspection in preliminary molding, oil injection and silk screen printing, it will be inspected by the quality inspection department.

5. The company has many cnc machining centers, and even more toy prototypes can be completed on schedule.

6. After the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the product quality is guaranteed.

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