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Soft rubber U disk prototype of soft rubber prototype

by:Tuowei     2020-01-28
2017-08- 31 11: 05

Tawei prototype model factory is a professional manufacturer engaged in all kinds of prototypes, the prototype made by tuowei prototype factory includes 3d printing prototype, rapid prototyping prototype, CNC prototype, sheet metal prototype and small batch copy prototype, especially in small household appliances, such as coffee machine prototype and juice extraction prototype, prototype models of egg beater, cheese beater, juice machine and other kitchen prototypes account for 50% of our company's annual turnover. There are also car prototypes, such as car front and rear headlight prototypes and car interior light prototypes, prototype of car bumper, prototype of car interior trim. Another part of the prototype model covers personal care prototype, sunglasses prototype, computer peripheral prototype and so on.

The existing equipment of tuowei prototype factory, CNC machining center (55 sets of travel can reach 1800), 3D printer (1 imported from Israel) As well as a full-automatic die equipment, it is a high-tech company that can provide prototype one-stop service. Because the equipment is complete, there is no need to send it out, so it is better to ensure that all the information of the guests is not leaked. The company's existing plant area is 2000 m² square meters; At the same time, we also have a group of industrial design engineers and manual technicians with more than 12 years of working experience in prototype making, it will provide valued customers with prototype model services that are faster and closer to 3D data. So far, we have provided third-party prototype model services to more than 7 Fortune 500 companies.

cnc prototype assembly technology

through 55 imported high-precision cnc machine tools, 3D printer imported from Israel and a fully automatic vacuum laminator. In just 3- Within 5 days, any product will be magically changed from 3D to almost the same as the finished product. Help designers find and easily solve all kinds of fatal defects of new products, completely avoid the risk of mold costs as high as several million yuan in the later period, and escort the development and listing of new products for enterprises!

1. The main business scope includes: CNC prototype model and industrial product design.

II. Equipment condition: more than 55 CNC machining centers, 1 SLA rapid prototyping machine, 1 vacuum laminating machine, 2 milling machines, 2 lathes, 1 sandblasting machine, painting, oven, silk screen printing and other equipment.

iii. Materials used: ABS, POM, PC, PA6, PA66, PMMA, aluminum alloy, iron, steel, Bakelite, EVA, etc.

IV. The acceptable products are: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP4 digital prototypes, large and small electrical prototypes, electronic chassis prototypes, medical equipment prototypes.

V. Vacuum complex mold: small batch copy, materials include: ABS, PU, PVC, silica gel, transparent ABS, etc.

The Tawei people insist on'Integrity, quality and efficiency' The company's corporate beliefs have been recognized by many well-known manufacturers and have been well received by them. With the support and encouragement of our customers, we will continue to provide perfect services to our customers.

The factory's one-stop post-treatment process includes oil injection, silk screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, UV, etc ( Almost all the advanced technologies for prototyping in mass production are involved) , Making the prototype model almost 99% comparable to the finished product effect. ( To know those finished product are open mold cost. few 100,000 of cost experience. For months of time only to production out) Now, you can have it instantly for less than 1% of the price.

The confidentiality agreement of Tovey prototype model Company

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