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Songgang prototype factory-Convenient to see the factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 28 11: 40

for some production enterprises, after finding the prototype of Songgang prototype factory, the product model will be pushed to various sales channels and markets first, understand the real feedback of the market and the order quantity before deciding to open the mold and mass production. This is to avoid bad market feedback after mold opening. This requires a large amount of capital investment. If the funds are sinking into the sea like this, if it is a small company, I am afraid it has already closed down. Because of this demand in the market, the prototype industry has emerged. Until now, the prototype is still an indispensable part of the verification product.

in Songgang, although there are many prototype factories, however, these manufacturers have great differences in scale and equipment. Some small factories have only a few sets of equipment and there are not many professionals. And there are really big companies of scale, I am afraid it is also one of the few. If you want to choose a Songgang prototype factory that can be assured in Songgang area, what should you do?

If you are located at a distance from the Songgang prototype you want to work if the factory is not far away, you can go on a field trip and first understand whether the prototype factory is a manufacturer or a trading company. If it is a trading company, after all, it is necessary to earn the difference, and there must be no advantage in the price. But in terms of quality, service. No matter how long a small factory is, it can't be chased unless it develops into a large-scale company. The extension model is a manufacturer, and the prototype accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm. The company is located near Songgang and close to National Highway 107. It is very convenient for customers to visit the factory.

The extension model fears every point of your contribution, so whether you are a big order or a small one. The Tuowei people will serve them wholeheartedly. Shenzhen Songgang prototype factory, Tuowei is your loyal partner!

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