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Songgang prototype factory-Friends with customers can cooperate for a long time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-12- 15 11: 31

two months ago, Korean customer David found Songgang prototype factory through foreign trade Alibaba- Tuowei model, David is a Korean who can speak a little Chinese and is amiable and clear-minded. Since David's company is a trader, he does not have much experience in prototyping, therefore, it is inevitable that there will be some flaws in the details, so you need to be careful when you quote him.

Miss Xu, the business of Songgang prototype factory, was quoted, it was found that the process list did not match the process diagram. According to past experience, Miss Xu made a detailed process indication map to the customer with reference to the customer's effect diagram, after the customer saw the schematic diagram at that time, he found that there was indeed a mistake, so he immediately confirmed with his end customer.

soon, the customer was confirmed, the customer told Miss Xu that his customer was also very grateful that he could put forward these process problems and related good suggestions on the process method in time, so he quickly gave David three sets of sound, so David got the order, which is not a good news for Songgang prototype factory. Therefore, the customer immediately made the full amount to me and asked Miss Xu to arrange the production. Think about it as if it is also, not only to serve traders and customers, but also to think farther. After all, only terminal customers have the right to send orders. If they can start from the customer's point of view, understand customer psychology, the relationship between spear and shield is easy to understand.

until today, after work, except for some related services in the work, miss Xu and David are also like friends, sharing happy life fun with each other. She feels that people are flesh and blood, and they are all an era of friendship in China. In this year, in addition to the strength and technical quality, more still fight service! Her harvest is: The customer said that he should cooperate with Songgang prototype factory for a long time in the future, and also said that the extension model should be regarded as the main processing plant of their company. The quotation is only to send the extension model quotation, if the price is quoted, it will never be pressed, and the three sets of audio prototypes have not been completed yet, the customer will also tell Miss Xu when the next order is expected to come over!

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