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Songgang prototype factory-Over 20% in quality and service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-12- 15 12: 02

Mr. Fang is a company that makes foreign products. Listening to him, the pressure on purchasing is also very high, fearing that the products are cheap and the quality is not good, and so on for various reasons, so by searching online'Songgang prototype factory' After finding the extension model, I saw a lot of praise about the extension model on the Internet, and I was very interested in cooperating with the extension. I still remember going straight to Tuowei on the same day. At that time, the office staff of Taowei model were off work in the afternoon. Business Xiaomo said it didn't matter. Wait for you in the office, this move is also very touching the customer.

after Xiao Mo took the customer Mr. Fang to visit the workshop of the company, customers have always said that the scale of the extension model is very large in this industry. They came directly to the Songgang prototype factory to see the factory. In a word, the delivery period is guaranteed to us. The quality is in place. We don't say anything else, business matters can be discussed tomorrow.

In the later communication, Xiao Mo mentioned why he was sure to follow so quickly at that time. cooperation in dimension model, compared with several other prototype Songgang prototype factories, the price can only be regarded as medium. The customer said: he is more happy to cooperate with a larger company, because the company is big, let alone small details, the process of all kinds of things is very complete, so that they can save a lot of heart.

yes, songgang prototype factory can win customers in terms of details. Although there is no advantage in price, it can exceed the same line in terms of prototype quality and service, customers are also willing to cooperate with the extension model.

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