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Songgang prototype factory-Professional Dedication

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-03- 25 11: 51

Mr. Xu is a company that purchases foreign products. Listening to him, the pressure on purchasing is also very great, afraid that the product is cheap and the quality is not good. So by searching online'Songgang prototype factory' After finding the extension model and seeing the evaluation of the extension model on the Internet, I decided to take a look at the extension model first. At that time, it was already time to leave work. After receiving the customer's contact, the salesman Mo immediately decided to wait for the customer in the office, and this small move moved the customer very much.

Miss Mo of Songgang prototype factory first led the customer to the workshop, after seeing Tuowei's equipment, the customer lamented that your equipment is really a big company in the same industry. At that time, I also saw that several salespeople were off work and still followed up with customers in real time. At that time, I felt that the employees of the extension model were really dedicated. After reading. Mr. Xu said that the list was handed over to Tuowei. The delivery date was guaranteed and the quality would be in place. She was very relieved.

The next day the customer sent the drawing, after opening the drawings, Miss Mo of Songgang prototype factory found a lot of rotten noodles, and then she took a screenshot and told the customer that there was a problem with your drawings and there was a lot of rotten noodles. And asked if there were any other drawings. The customer said no, then he had to deal with the rotten noodles and asked the customer to send a list. For better quotation. After the communication, Miss Mo mentioned why she decided to cooperate with Taowei so quickly. Compared with other small prototype factories, the price can only be regarded as medium. The customer said that because he prefers to cooperate with big companies, the staff is dedicated, the quality is guaranteed, and the small details are clearer than the customers. He was relieved that the equipment process was complete.

so if you want to choose a Songgang prototype factory to work together, you can cooperate with the extension model, whether it is complete equipment, quality assurance, or employee attitude, which is higher than the peers. Believe that if you cooperate with the extension model, you will be assured.

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